Are you ready for Super Mario Run this Dec. 15 Release?

Yet another game that hopes to revive old games like the Pokemon go, The most emblematic personage of Nintendo debuts in the mobile this Thursday 15 of December. From that day on, Super Mario Run will be made available as a free to download game from the App Store. But take note, it is only for a trial period but will allow you to play the three different game modes.

super-mario-run-ios  Once users are tempted, they can decide whether to pay the 9.99 euros that guarantee unlimited access to each of the three modes available in this special launch, which will take place in 151 countries around the world.

Super Mario Run will be available in addition to Spanish, English, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Traditional Chinese. It can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices with iOS 8.0 and later operating systems.

super-mario-run-iphoneSuper Mario Run is the first Super Mario Bros game specially designed for mobile devices. The simple announcement of its jump to these platforms made that the values of Nintendo grew 13%. For the company it’s a big bet, after his other star project, Pokémon Go, raged among the players but had a smaller-than-expected impact on the accounts in the first moments. They do hope to extend in the near future to other platforms like andriod, switch, xbox and microsoft since most companies have showed intent that they too want a piece of the pie.

In this mobile version of Nintendo’s unforgettable plumber, Mario moves forward on his own, but needs the player to tap his finger to jump the obstacles, and thus avoid enemies and reach the pennant at the end of the levels. “We have created Super Mario Run to perfectly fit the iPhone,” says Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario.
“Super Mario has evolved every time he has faced a new platform and, for the first time, players will enjoy a complete game of Super Mario with one hand, which will give them the freedom to play while traveling by subway or , Even better, eating a hamburger, “he adds.


‘Super Mario Run’ has a mode in which Mario collects coins and is heading towards the goal, and another where the player competes against the movements of other people who have completed the same level, according to reports. In addition, there is a mode where the player can create his own Mushroom Kingdom based on the number of coins collected. That mean having more coins means having more options and leverage in the Mushroom Kingdom creation. Interesting? Well, we all will just have to find out once we get our hands on the game.

Pokémon GO receives the first monsters of Johto

While this game would have easily surpassed other games we have posted like Fifa 17 and Sims Freeplay, it did manage to push some new update in the hope of bringing back players to explore the game again. Finally! The Pokémon Company International and Niantic has announced the arrival of the first creatures of the Johto region in Pokémon GO. At the moment only the possibility of adding in the Pokédex from 19:00 to “Togepi, Pichu and certain Pokémon originally discovered in the video games Pokémon Gold and Silver Pokémon have been mentioned”. I know some of you are mumbling why just now? or its too late for that! But atleast in can still spark remaining players some interest in the game.


How are they achieved? According to the press release, users will have to visit Pokéstops and turn the photodial to get Eggs. “By hatching, Togepi, Pichu or other Pokémon may come out of them.” It’s not the only announcement made today about the game. From December 12 to 19:00 until December 29 at 20:00, Coaches have the opportunity to find a special Pikachu wearing a Christmas cap.

“At the gates of 2017, we are truly grateful for the support we received and welcome the community, and we are pleased to introduce new Pokémon,” said Kei Kawai, product manager for Niantic, in addition to recommending users to enjoy the game. Upcoming holiday dates.


Described as “the biggest update to date”, Pokémon GO could receive in December a hundred new creatures among some other improvements, long awaited by fans of this video game iOS and Android.

The information comes from the analysis of the source code that some players have made. References to the second generation of pokémon, that is, the creatures we met in the classic Pokémon Gold / Pokémon Silver of Game Boy like Chikorita, Cyndaquiel, Totodile or the legendary Ho oh and Lugia to mention but a few.


In the absence of an official confirmation from Niantic, Pokémon GO would also welcome the exchange of Pokémon between players, one of the options most requested by fans, as well as multiplayer fighting, which would no longer be limited only to gyms. I wanted to list all the new pokemons here but I guess you all will discover it yourself. So that you will have to search for this new ones, I decided not to. We gamers still do hope that newer gameplay will be added because after all, its not just about searching for pokemons but also battling them against other gamers. I do wish they would improve the battles in the arena instead of the boring fight scenes. I mean, for sure they could do better than that.

Fifa 17 Cheats and the 4 Things I love about it

I don’t know of anyone who does not love fifa. It is probably one of the best simulation games and if not, for the soccer game, its probably the best. We did mention another of our favorite simulation game for the iphone, Sims Freeplay. But of course there is the competition PES 2017 but it lack some of the new features that Fifa 17 has to offer. Just take a look at the story mode. If you’re a simply offline player, the big time sink once The Journey is complete is profession setting. Like the on-pitch action, those who played last year’s video game will right away understand their means around, although it’s expanded by 5 different locations of board expectation: Domestic Success, Continental Success, Brand Direct exposure, Financial, and also Young people Growth. So while the Burnley board’s only ‘High’ assumptions are Monetary (i.e. maintaining the club in the black), you should provide domestic as well as continental success and optimum brand name exposure to stay in the Chelsea job. Everything adds character as well as variant to a mode which lacked creativity over the long-haul in previous years.

Still desire more? Attempt the Women’s ‘International’ Mug (brand-new ladies teams this year: Netherlands as well as Norway), or 50 various other tournaments. FIFA’s days as the fashionable option are long past, as well as PES 2017 will certainly delight any individual trying to find a fresh experience in football gaming, yet there’s still no sporting activities bundle quite like that created by Electronic Arts – and also returning gamers are mosting likely to go loopy for those updated visuals. Assume licenses don’t matter? State that again when you have actually experienced City vs United under the flood lamps of Old Trafford, with Guardiola and also Mourinho on the touchline, as well as Tyler and also Smith on commentary, in FIFA 17. In brief: it is Impeccable! But before you start looking for some fifa 17 glitches, let as first take a look at what’s good about this game.


1. The great details
Along with including supervisors for all Premier League clubs, FIFA 17 cram in numerous authentic touches such as the tannoy broadcaster revealing the man of the match.


2. Tasty food selections
Navigation could not be simpler. One clever brand-new option is having the ability to cycle via offered packages pre-match, with alternates displayed in the background.


3. The Trip cameos
Harry Kane, Marco Reus and also Angel Di Maria all make passing looks in FIFA’s brand-new tale mode – but none to the factor of it feeling astonishing.


4. It’s all up-to-date
Received the video game 2 weeks in advance of release – with every summertime transfer, such as Joe Hart’s Italian button, existing as well as correct. Remarkable!

How to Cheat Sims Freeplay and Get Money Fast?

sims freeplay cheats unlimited moneyIf you are brand-new to this game and I wish to learn quick ways to earn excellent money/simoleons, meaning within an hr or much less and of course without buying in game money. It does not matter if it’s early or late in the video game, simply read through the few guides I have found from experience both trial and error until I found some cool and effective one. So lets start!

If you’re likely to be signing in every hour, I would grow watermelon. You obtain $256 for an hour long task. The best technique is to have as lots of sims as you could spare growing at the same time. For times when you are sleeping/inactive choose something like beans which take 9 hrs as well as offer you $1260.

sims-freeplay-gardeningLikewise do not send your sims to their tasks when you are proactively playing. Wait until night time or whenever it is you do not play as much. It could seem slow-moving going yet equally builds up.

I discovered by far the best job for making simoleons is Actor. When you get to level 5, you receive $1860 for only 5 hrs of work.

As well as always remember to inspect your mail box every 24 Hr … it’s can be a great portion of simoleons daily!

I used to have my Sims yard or earn LP when I was brand-new. I sent them to function when I fallinged asleep. Watermelon is an excellent plant. You make one of the most with the totally free peppers, and also carrots and corn are budget-friendly as well. If you get them at the supermarket most are slightly marked down as well as your town worth rises a tiny bit, which increases the day-to-day benefit. Quick completing pastimes can web simoleons along with LP, such as ghost hunting, food preparation, diving. I additionally looked at the benefits for the major pursuit and made a decision which prizes I really did not care if I had and also quit working when I reached those quests to accumulate simoleons.

sims freeplay working to earn moneyI send 25 sims for 5 hrs to work (as stars) as well as they award me 2790 simoleons each. You absolutly need to view them while they are leaving the whole lot till they have actually completely gone otherwise you Will certainly be approved less for the job.

When they’re not at the workplace, mâke them yard. The much shorter the moment plant is, one of the most successful it is (not constantly true yet practically). If you leave the game for a couple of mins, select the corn. If you need a hr, do prefer the watermelons. When it comes to the night, i ‘d rather garden onions compared to Green beens.

I’m a big follower of the food preparation pastime. I like to create 2 “chef houses” with ten sims each, all them grinding out cheese and tomato on salute. Your sims rank up in the hobby relatively fast, and also as soon as they arrive, I reset them by getting them to do one more hobby for ten minutes (diving, fishing, or fashion design).

They obtain simoleons, XP, often resources, and crucial (to me) LP. The most effective get rid of 2 cook residences is this: by the time you get one home to pop the bubbles, tidy up and start food preparation again, the other house is ready to stand out, tidy, and cook. You could go back and forth in between both as well as promptly accumulate lots of rewards. I can post a few of my residence sets up to offer you a suggestion of just how they work, if you as if.

While all this do work and are effective in gathering up more money and LP, it can be tiresome when you grind each passing hour. I did find a better trick from cheats World were you can have even more simoleons and Life Points in less than 5 minutes. The trick is just amazing and I highly recommend it to you guys.